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A home from home with the west of Scotland’s

best  jukebox selection

About us

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Formerly the  drummer in ‘60s pop band The Silhouettes, who once appeared on the same bill in Liverpool’s Cavern Club as The Beatles, Jim Robertson is one of Inverclyde’s leading entrepreneurs.  He still plays drums, most often during The Kempock’s jam sessions which run on several and indeterminate Sundays in the year.  As the only drummer, it is not unknown for his shift to run for six or even seven hours.

A great place to sit and soak in sanitary conditions


This is mine host, Jim Robertson in everyday garb

Possibly the best music pub in the west of Scotland


Take a look at what our customers have to say:

"Peak Jukebox times should be avoided if at all possible."

Bella Union, Gourock

"You really can turn up in your pyjamas if you sleep in after a hard night shift."

Dave Earnshaw, Wemyss Bay

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"One of the most celebrated pubs 
in Gourock, also hosts the town’s entire music collection. ."